Rape, murder, missing persons, arson, and wrongful convictions, still the legacy of Grundy County?

A year ago, Sheriff Shrum indicated that former Sheriff Myers destroyed case files upon leaving office. A serious crime. Yet to this date nothing has been done to make an inquiry. Others have admitted the same, those who were ordered by Myers to shred the files are terrified to come forward.

The climate of fear is thick in Grundy County.

The recent development of the attempted rape of a young man on school grounds, was this the result of ignoring or covering up ongoing festering issues? From what we see, at least one young man has been tied to a previous charge that went ignored. And those who dared speak up were punished.

Being clear, that running from the past has consequences. Yet so does speaking out.

A former officer, who asks for anonymity, said back in 2006, when he went to look for a file in a murder case, he found it was missing from the case file.

The file did resurface. It was a witness statement taken by Myers after the murder of Malcolm Burrows. A statement the sheriff didn’t want seen apparently. As it never made the light of day in court.

When Malcolm Burrows beaten and bloodied body was found on the edge of Mellissa Rock Road, the Grundy County Herald reported that:

“police were mystified,” as to who would want to kill “the well liked, ex alderman.”

Were they, really?

If one but skimmed back articles on Burrows, one would see that the day he was made Alderman he was arrested.

It is hard not to see that throughout the trial and conviction of Adam Braseel, the county engaged in a complicit act when ignoring the white elephant, that Malcolm Burrows was at the center of an illicit prescription drug scheme. And the larger admission that Grundy had serious problems with a pattern of protecting those engaging in illegal activity surrounding the pill business.

But by convicting a foreigner, or a man from another county, the Sheriff and Prosecutors would appeal to those wanting to see their community in a certain light. However, the proceeding did nothing to correct the problem that caused the murder in the first place.

The conviction of Braseel might have appeared as some temporary form of victory for the Sheriff and his backers, but since it ignored the truth and deflected blame towards the young man from another county, whatever had caused the murder of Malcolm Burrows, still existsed.

Those, including the Sheriff, who advanced a theory * that Braseel was perhaps an accomplice, did little to prove such theories by looking for this alleged accomplice. Or providing any connection between Braseel and the pill mill that Malcolm was being investigated for. Which can’t be found. As this would defeat the purpose of blaming the outsider in the first place.

The more one looks one sees, that the entire case is very much one of simply casting blame elsewhere.

*Under this theory the case would be open. The Sheriff says its closed. So which is it?

The mechanism of denial and cover-up.

The witness statement taken by Myers tells of a couple who were at the crime scene the weekend of the murder, driving a gold colored car  —  A six foot dark haired man and a blonde woman.

After setting up the “sting,” called Fear the Hills, as an investigation tool on Christmas day of 2014,  a blonde-haired woman soon came and revealed that she was at the crime scene the weekend of Malcolm’s murder. She was the first person in ten years to do so. Although she was now a school board member, back in 2006, she was not. Back then she had a different life and went by a different name. She ran with a man called Chad “Trey Meeks.” He was at Malcolm’s to get money, to conduct business like he often did. Pill Business.

The description of Kasey Kilgore and Trey Meeks matches the one made on the witness statement that disappeared and re surfaced.

Kilgore was drawn to the sting when the question was raised whether Malcolm’s house even existed. As in photo’s taken in 2007, show its simply not there. There was no address for the house in any document nor is Malcolm’s house even mentioned in the 911 call logs.

Kirk Braden testified he made the 911 call from Thomas Flury’s residence . –  because Malcolm didn’t have a phone.

No phone, no house, no address.  One has to admit this was more mystifying than trying to think of those who might want Malcolm dead.

Kilgore’s statements though were direct eyewitness accounts,  proof of pertinent facts:

1: Malcolm Burrows was indeed a “middle man” in the prescription drug business between doctors, pharmacies and his street customers.

2: Becky Hill and Kirk Braden were present during transactions and in this way aided and abetted the criminal activity. Reflecting on their credibility as witnesses.

3: Though there was a Malcolm Burrows house, there was also a Malcolm Burrows phone. Which raised further questions about the 911 call made that night, and why it came from the Thomas Flury residence. Which lead to more questions of why Sgt Mike Brown was not called to testify to clarify what happened the night of Jan 7th, 2006 on Hobbs Hill.

*Trey Meeks was later arrested and convicted of assault and robbery — sentenced to twenty years.

It’s not hard to see the choices made by the Sheriff, avoiding all leads that pointed to prescription drugs.

Though learning his family owned the local pharmacy and Tracy Clinic, is perhaps something another agent should have discovered when they wrote this about Malcolm Burrows and Adams case.

Sheriff Myers would arrest a ham sandwich for being Jewish. If there’s a way to mess up a case, make a poor judgement call or side with the wrong party, “The Blind Eye of Justice” will find a way to look the wrong way.

Seriously. He messed up the simplest case for us which could have been a real victory for him had he handled one step of it even partially competently.

How is this man in office? 

Myers had no interest in solving your case my dear, as to do so, would have threatened the family business.

On the original witness list of the preliminary hearing, there was a TBI agent listed, Kim Harmon. She was investigating both Malcolm Burrows and Nurse Krista Garner for pill mill activity.

But by the time of the trial, Harmon dropped off the list. None of that would be talked about in court.

Again, opting for secrecy and coverup.

In the days after the murder, reports that Garner received money from Burrows to open her pain clinic surfaced from relatives and friends, but then faded into the background of Braseel’s conviction. As if the two were mutually exclusive. Since no follow up on Garner’s practice can be seen until her arrest in 2010 for “possession without a prescription,” from appearances anyway, the cover-up and conviction, if it were to be seen that way, was successful. The Braseels and their attorney certainly seemed off the trail back then. Either by fear or confusion or both.

I found a domestic assault arrest record for Kirk Braden in the Grundy County Herald. But why is it not in the Sheriff’s office. Destroyed? Shredded?

Sgt Mike Brown says he is very concerned about the amount of people that have died since all of this started. Those connected to the case, including April Cordova, who he got Adam’s name from in the first place. Sgt Brown is quite sure they have the wrong man.

Is Grundy to be perceived as a den of crooks where the complicity is so thick that they convict someone for a crime at a house that’s not there, burned to the ground, records shredded, planted evidence, ignoring obvious motive and hiding the actual detective at the crime scene by perjured testimony of TBI agents and by calling a different SGT Brown from another county to the stand?

Meanwhile, bodies are popping up out of the ground and the unthinkable is happening at the school house.

As we see, Clint Shrum saying the corruption of the past is taken care of by the election is not true. The past comes bubbling out to haunt.

The shredding of ten years of records, tampering with evidence, these are serious issue that are being ignored by the Sherriff. Is it any wonder the place is coming unraveled? or is it what happens when you excuse such lawless behavior by the leaders you trust to serve.

The Sheriff destroyed files, it should be a no brainer. But somehow, at the Grundy County Sheriff’s office, it’s not

DK Sale is an investigative entity/author. You can reach him on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/davidksale or davidksale@gmail.com



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