More Troubles at the Grundy County Sherriff’s office?

In hearing that the Sheriff went to District Attorney Mike Taylor to see if there was a way to put a stop to this blog, or me, from writing certain things, one really has to wonder what the deal is. And the DA? What, was he expecting criminal charges for asking for the truth?  Or telling it? I certainly believe i have bent over backwards to make sure everything I put on here is true and substantiated. Besides something called the Constitution and free speech issues, if this is so, one has to wonder what the heck is going on.

We are looking for the truth, plain and simple. Why were files destroyed at the Sheriffs office? By who, and to the best of our abilities find out what they were. In his own words, Clint Shrum said this verbatim:

“Additionally, if you need some “drama” for the story here is a little more info for you. When I took office on September 1, 2014 there was not even a single case file on the Braseel Case at the Sheriff’s Office. The question is this; was there something the past administration did not want me to see? “

Then when another party went looking for files, she was told that files had been burned and shredded. Being told by numerous sources, including a party who knew one of the parties who was ordered to shred the files, are somehow these questions not reasonable?

Including the discovery in the Grundy County Herald of an arrest record for domestic assault by the witness who claimed Adam Braseel was the one who assaulted his mother.

How is it not possible to see the logical reason for wanting to know where the files are surrounding this arrest, and if there were more, or if they were shredded. Or other files of the man who was murdered.

In addition to this we have been told from inside sources that the case file is there. So which is it?

And now I have heard, from numerous sources, of a recent incident at the Sheriff’s office. I have reached out to Mr Shrum to see if there is a way to explain the veil of secrecy when it comes to certain things. And explain why he believes this is the best way to handle things. And maybe see that it is this very type of thing that happened to MR Braseel. When it becomes more important to keep the secrets than get at the truth.

Mr Shrum said that he was told that “the corruptions of the past were taken care of by the election.”

Try telling that to the family of Adam Braseel.  Is this an indication that anything of their choosing can be swept under the rug? As happened when every lead was ignored in the Braseel case that led to prescription drugs?













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