New information discovered in Malcolm Burrows murder case – ties to Grundy County School Board — Bombshell Coming.

Sgt Mike Brown, during a series of interviews tells us that on the night of the gruesome and bloody murder of Malcolm Burrows and brutal assault on his sister Becky Hill, that Hill’s son Kirk was acting strange and didn’t leave the back room of the house. While Brown attended Becky sitting in a chair in the kitchen area and bleeding profusely on the blood covered floor, he tried to manage both situations and talk to Kirk, he noted that Kirk didn’t come from the back room and wondered why.

Kirk is the only known person to be holding the broken ball bat discovered in the trash can with Ms Hill’s blood on it.

In a few hours later interview of Kirk, Brown took down Kirk’s account of what happened, as well as the account of who came to visit Malcolm.  Learning that Trey Meeks and “girlfriend” had been to Malcolm’s house. It was later discovered by her own admission, that this was Grundy School Board member Kasey Kilgore who was known at the time as Amanda Hackworth.

Brown himself was not questioned in the case when it was taken over by Sheriff Brent Myers, chief Lonnie Cleek and TBI agent Larry Davis. Nor was Brown allowed to testify after calling and making himself available. Though none of these other men were at the crime scene until hours later, they did testify.  They had not followed up on these leads according to MS Kilgore who said she was never questioned and neither was Meeks as far as she knew.

I was made aware of other new information surrounding the School Board and it’s members I will not reveal, though understand regional news sources have been made aware, and myself wait to see how this unfolds and whether it will lead to new information becoming available pertaining to this case.

More information breaking and soon to come.

Also you will soon have the opportunity to listen yourself to Interviews of Brown, Ms Kilgore, and many others, when they will be part of an upcoming podcast show.


Stay tuned.


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