Podcast of the Mountain – Fear The Hills – The Adam Braseel Case host – Dk Sale

Fear the Hills – The Adam Braseel Case – host DK Sale
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The true and startling unwinding of the Adam Braseel case takes place in the back hills of Tennessee. Ten years ago, a young red-haired valley man’s visit to a place they call the mountain turns into a nightmare when he is pinned by a local sheriff to a murder that takes place the very same weekend. When the brutally beaten body of Malcolm Burrows was found next to car on the side of the dead-end road to his house.

Adam, believing it a simple mistaken identity that would soon be cleared up in court, soon saw a weathered mountain woman take the stand and lift up her finger: “It’s him, he’s the one who came and lured my brother out of the house. I knew at the sheriff’s office, I’d seen the picture and I “knowed him.”

Becky told the jury had it not been for her diabetic thirty- three-year-old son Kirk who awoke from the back by her screams and drove the man away, “I’d been a ‘gonner’ too.”

Kirk was later asked why he didn’t stop and look for Malcolm at the car.

Adam was convicted for the murder of Malcolm Burrows. A man whose true identity was never revealed in court. The local Grundy County Herald said he was a well-liked ex Alderman, but failed to report that the day he was appointed alderman, Malcolm was arrested.

We learn that investigator Sgt Mike Brown, who handled the crime scene and discovered the body, didn’t testify and had moved out of state shortly after the murder and was never contacted. Though after DK Sale began his covert investigation by announcing he was making a horror film called Fear the Hills, a note soon came from Sgt Brown: “I have all the information, Malcolm killed a local doctor’s prized horses and he paid the ultimate price. She supplied him with the pills.” — no mention of doctors, pills or horses was ever made in when the mountain jury convicted Adam Braseel in a three day trial.

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