911 call logs on night of Malcolm’s murder. But where is Malcolm or his house? And why is there no mention of an intruder in the call?

The 911 call came from Thomas Flury’s house on Mellisa Rock. For the assault of a woman.(Page one bottom) That much we can see. It was said Tracy officer Caldwell went to Flury’s and was told the assault was next door at the Malcolm Burrows residence. Yet not once is this indicated here in the 911 log. No mention of a Malcolm Burrows house. Nor is there an indication of an intruder or prowler in the call, it appears to be  a domestic call. Additionally, the car said to have been found on Mellisa Rock road is marked as a stop on Hobbs Hill road. Combined with the fact that neither responding officers Caldwell or Mike Brown testified, the vin on the car listed here does not match the one sent to the lab, Malcolm’s house was not there in photos taken in 2007, and one can hardly believe anything that was said in court to be true.




This is where Malcolm’s house was said to have been. But in this picture taken in 2007, it’s not there.



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