The missing half hour in the Braseel case. Why did Becky change her story? Or who changed it for her.

At 9:52 a 911 call came to mountain dispatch, at 10:05 James Caldwell arrived on the scene. By the time Andrew West from the Sheriff’s office arrives, 10:24, the ambulance had come and gone and taken Becky Hill away, according to records that is

Caldwell was not called to testify and neither was Mike Brown. Only those officers who came later.

So what happened in that half hour? We know that Jeff White went across the street and talked to Kirk – though he was left out of the reports, he testified to this. He told Kirk his wife had seen a gold colored car in her drive, in the early afternoon, hours before the incident.

But Kirk didn’t tell Caldwell about a gold colored car. He said the man ran off on foot.

It is when Andy West arrives, Caldwell leaves and White goes home that Kirk tells West he saw a gold colored car. When everyone that would know where he got the story of the car had left.

By the time Cleek arrives he hears from West that Kirk said there was a gold car. Then the TBI agent and then the Sheriff.

So a BOLO was put out for a Gold colored car. Marion picked one up. It was Dustin Nunley. Myers and Cleek go see Nunley. Myers says in his report that they learn this gold car does not match the description. But they told Nunley they wanted to talk to him more.


What description is that he is talking about?

Of course this is the same report where it’s said that Jay Douglas saw a red haired man driving a gold colored car at Malcolm’s house. When Douglas’ report clearly states it was a Black haired man with a Blonde.

But more to the point is that Kirk did not say he saw a gold colored car. At least not in that first half hour. He didn’t report it to 911. Nor to Caldwell. Or to White.

Nor did Kirk stop at the car that he said Malcolm took to help this alleged stranger. But he did tell police it was a stranger, someone he didn’t know. Until he was shown the picture of the man the Sheriff had in mind for the murder. Then Kirk had to change his story and say he knew who Adam Braseel was. And again in court when he said he forgot he knew who Adam was.

After all this lying and changing stories, with Cleek and Myers following Imojean up the mountain to find Adam, and then Kirk picking Adam, certainly not wanting it to point to him, by the time Becky got out of the hospital, it seemed everyone had something they wanted her to say, the trouble was in getting her to say it.”

You can imagine the frustration they all had when Becky said it was someone else. When Cleek and Myers took the photo lineup to Becky’s sister on Thursday the 12th, and she told Cleek the person that came to the house that Malcolm went to help was someone she recognized from earlier. Not that night, but earlier in the day, or maybe the day before.

“No No No, Becky, you must be confused.” I would say was said many times. “We have the guy.”

Who it is that Becky said beat her that night is not known. But the person with car trouble, she recognized him.

Cleek tells a different story, he testified in court that he went on Thursday the 12th to talk to Becky and show her pictures, but she was too sick. Testimony that doesn’t add up. As there is Becky’s statement taken in Cleeks hand dated Thursday the 12th.  Not too sick for that. Nothing about a gold colored car. And definitely saying she recognized the man as being someone she saw at an earlier time in the day or before. Meaning three times he was there. Which leaves Adam out of that picture.

Four days later though, Becky picks Adam out of the same photo line-up. And then Becky testifies that she had never seen the person before.

Whatever reason Becky completely changed her story, we may never know, as she died. Shortly after her son was arrested for domestic assault.

There is a respectable woman in the community that reports she was coerced by this same prosecutor to testify against someone she knew was innocent. She didn’t do it. But they had nothing to threaten her with.

Not like the open threat made by TBI agent Larry Davis using DA Mike Taylor’s name, where Sharon Pressley was essentially told they had more than enough evidence against her and if she didn’t testify against Wayne Grimes, she would be prosecuted. (This letter was published at a prior time.)

Becky’s car had the ignition torn out, was registered under two different models. Had two VIN numbers. Her son Kirk could easily be a suspect, and the house was a notorious center of a pill mill. It is not hard to see how her mind was changed for her. As well as any number of stories to go along with the threats.

The why’s are easy. No one wanted to uncover the pill mill activity that Malcolm was involved in. Not the Judge, the lawyers, definitely not the Sheriff, who on another occasions sent Tracy officers home after a break-in at the pharmacy. They would handle it from there. Just like we see in the Adam Braseel case. As the Tracy Police officer was sent home. No one wanted to know what he had to say. But we know what he said, when he got home, he told his girlfriend it was an inside job.







































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