Body Cam Videos Surrendered to Authorities Despite Warnings — now being reported

“If you know what is good for you you’ll turn that off,” is what is reported to have been said during one of two recent alleged incidents of violence involving the Grundy County Sheriff’s office. Despite the warnings, law abiding officers have been said to have turned in these videos which were then collected by the FBI office out of Chattanooga for further review.

Being heard from multiple sources, if true, is disturbing yet assuring knowing that there are those not willing to hide the truth. Though the nature and full extent of the alleged incidents are not determined, those who claim to have seen the videos say “it’s not pretty.” One involving a man who was cuffed and the other being a confrontation of an inmate.

During the investigation into the Adam Braseel case, I would like to say there have been many good people in the law enforcement community that have come forward with vital information. Many good people who I know don’t agree with the cover-ups and threats of retaliation for doing their job or telling the truth. I applaud these people knowing it’s not always easy. But seeing how families are destroyed by secrecy, cover-ups and abuse of power, knowing that there are people willing to fight for the integrity of their community is to be commended by everyone.



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