Arrested for false reports. Questions still linger of evidence linked to Ms Anderson who was at the Burrows murder scene the weekend of Jan7th

Grundy County school board member Kasey Anderson has been arrested for false reports after a text message she initiated caused the entire school system to go on a soft lock down Monday morning.

Secret pasts and histories come bubbling up in the oddest ways.

Kasey Kilgore Anderson, was a person I became aware of when she revealed she was at the Malcolm Burrows residence the weekend of his murder. That she was the person listed in the Sheriff’s report as Trey Meeks and girlfriend. A couple who were never questioned for their knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the murder. But fitting the description of a couple seen in a gold colored vehicle in a witness statement made by Jay Douglas.  A statement then altered by Sheriff Myers.  Kasey has admitted to being “the girlfriend”  in the Sheriff report as she at the time dated Trey Meek and went to Malcolm’s house the weekend of Jan,6,7th, 2006.

Trey Meeks, who is now in an Alabama prison for robbery and assault, was part of Malcolm’s pill mill operation according to Kasey Kilgore. He would get money from Malcolm and go to the doctor for scripts for Oxycontin and Xanax.  She later added that at the tjme of the discovery of Malcolm’s body, she was near Chattanooga with Trey, that they had left the mountain after Malcolm gave Trey Money. That she knew where she was because Trey woke her to say that Malcolm Burrows was dead. When asked how Trey would know this, she wasn’t sure. And that it was not like them to leave the mountain. She added she thought Trey knew something. When asked if they were there to meet Sheriff Myers who stated he was in Chattanooga at the time od Burrows she said no. She did not know why they went to Chattanooga.


Report on top with Sheriff Myers apparent signature, is the statement of Jay Douglas who, reports seeing a couple in a gold colored car at Malcom Burrows house the weekend of the murder.

Bottom part: In the official Sheriff’s report, the statement is altered to fit Adam Braseel, a man with red hair — leaving out the blonde haired woman.








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