Dream states and nightmares. Kasey Kilgore. The latest of the School Board and the tie to the Murder of Malcolm Burrows.

. After Kasey was recently arrested, she spoke to the Herald about the nature of the message she had sent causing the lock down of the school.

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Mrs. Anderson stated she went to sleep and woke up from a nightmare and text a message to Mr. Hackworth. The text was about her nightmare and she stated she wasn’t sure she was totally awake but did at her own admission state that she did send a text message concerning a gun being at the school. Mrs. Casey Anderson is being charged with false reports. This happened in Grundy County, TN.

When Kasey Anderson revealed to Fear the Hills she had been to Malcolm’s house on the weekend of his murder in 2006, she soon gave an alibi for Saturday evening. She said  she was sleeping as Trey Meeks was driving. They were just outside of Chattanooga when Trey woke her, turned to her and said “Malcolm Burrows was dead.” Saying she was kind of out of it. But thinking there was more to it, like he was waiting for a reaction. I asked how Trey would know Malcolm was dead, and she wasn’t sure. She said she first thought they had gotten money from Malcolm to go to the doctors,  like he usually did, Dr Florence. A doctor she said was notorious for “writing drugs.” But then she thought it was weird they were near Chattanooga. Kasey was not able to say what they did in Chattanooga. If they went anywhere or did anything, just that she was sleeping in the car at the bridge just outside of Chattanooga when Trey woke her to tell her Malcolm was dead.  She said it was not like them to go off the mountain, but being kind of out of it she didn’t remember.

Audio Clip of MS Anderson after initial interview.



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