Trey Meeks and Girlfriend . – Kasey Kilgore says she’ll sue, saying she wasn’t at the crime scene with Meeks – it’s all “intentionally false statements.”

Over a year ago, Ms Kilgore Anderson came to Fear the Hills and let me interview her by text and phone.. Telling me she was “the girlfriend” in the above statement. Something that had been a mystery in the case. This sentence, written on a corner of Kirk Braden’s witness statement, taken by an officer Mike Brown, left many questions. How did he get Adam’s name. was it from Kirk, as Kirk first said he didn’t know who Adam was. Though he later changed his story. Who was Mike Brown? He didn’t testify and he left the state not long after the incident. State documents said a Sgt Troy Brown found the body, while transcripts showed that a deputy West said he saw Mike Brown find the body. The question being, why did Sgt Troy Brown testify and not Mike Brown, and where was he? And who the heck was Trey Meeks and girlfriend, why were they never questioned. As well as there being a strange witness statement by a man who said he saw a black haired man and a blonde woman at Malcolm’s in a gold colored car.

Not to mention, no one in court talked about who Malcolm was.or what he did.

Talking to Ms Kilgore Anderson, I felt we cleared some of that up. But recently, after revealing what she told us, that she was at Malcolm’s with Trey Meeks, she then was heard denying it. Calling what was being written — not true, “false statements.Which was mystifying, as there was no reason to believe it a secret since she told it to an obvious documentary site. People obviously making a film and book and of course would say what they knew or found out. And wonder why anyone would want it to be a secret, if the truth were sought. There might be other parts of the interviews one would not want known, but of crucial information pertinent to the case, and certainly who this person was, the girlfriend, this of course was going to be revealed. Not swept under some rug because it might effect someones image, a mans life is at stake, thats an easy choice. And one that could have been made without prompting.

Now she comes and says she wants to sue! Attacking the effort in general. To such a degree,  I’m going to address it, as whats written on here has been painstakingly researched and is by no means flippant or sensationalist claims. Believe me if that is what we wanted accomplished here, there is stack of files that could come out. I do take exception at this representation, and will defend it by whatever means necessary.  But here she writes:

Mr. Sale has posted numerous ill publications that contain intentionally false statements, information, headlines and accusations not only against myself but many others as well.

Going on to name these individuals:

“Dr. Christa Garner, Dr Florence, DA Mike Strain, TBI Agent Larry Davis, 911 reporters, Mike Yarworth, Sentor Janice Bowling, Kurt Braden, Chewy Nunley, Angie White, the former Sheriff of Grundy, Brent Myers, Current Sheriff of Grundy Clint Shrum, numerous Grundy County deputies, DA Mike Taylor, Nelson Layne, he claims that the entire TBI along with the entire FBI are both involved. He even claims that Adams attorney Floyd Davis was involved in the coverup and of course Trey Meeks and myself. “

Her broad strokes of claims are fairly wide and she fails to mention it is often not myself making the accusations, but are taken from news articles and official records. But of these individual’s listed, let’s have a look.

(It was never written “entire TBI or FBI are both involved.” or other nonsense like this.)

Garner was arrested in 2010 for possession without prescription, her nursing license was revoked. Name is on first witness list as being investigated by TBI agent Kim Harmon along with Malcolm. Name is in several other case documents including sheriff’s report as having business with Malcolm taking money to open her clinic in exchange for prescriptions

Dr Florence: Overseer of Garner’s clinic in Monteagle. Is being sued by the Federal Government for Medicare fraud in conjunction with operating a pill mill. Was well known to “write drugs” “for everyone” according to Kasey Kilgore and others.

Kirk Braden arrested for domestic violence. Said he forgot he knew who Adam was.

Current Sheriff Shrum: ”When I got here there was not a single case file on Adam Braseel, like there was something someone didn’t want me to see.” There are numerous  articles on Mr Shrum I don’t feel it’s necessary to go in to.

Former Sheriff Myers: His report altered the witness statement of the man who saw the couple in the gold colored car driven by a dark-haired man and blonde haired woman, altered to fit Adam. But who is the dark haired man and Blonde woman? There are numerous articles on Mr Myers, of law suits and other dealings not worth going into.

Floyd Davis: From news articles — 51 indictments against him, over twenty of which turned out to be convictions. He and his son paid out 350.000 for an incident of his sons where a man was left on the side of the road rather than calling an ambulance, the son calling his father the judge instead.

Agent Larry Davis – Testified he found weapons in the house, when he had previously testified that when he got to the house there were no weapons – whatever you want to call that. Is seen on a TBI document telling a woman that he and Taylor have enough evidence to charge her with murder, though if she testifies against a man they have in mind, she can get off. Whatever you want to call that.

Mike Taylor –  and I paraphrase “Your honor if we had to wait for evidence tests to get back from the TBI lab before proceeding, the case load would be ungodly.” In indicting Adam Braseel before the tests on is car and clothing had come back.

When she says Angie White, I suppose she means where the Criminal Court of Appeals claimed White testified she saw a car with a particular dent, when this is clearly, and to anyone who can read, patently false.

Malcolm Burrows: Despite depictions in court records and local articles stating authorities were mystified as to who would want to kill the well-liked ex – Alderman, Malcolm operated a pill mill, buying, selling prescription drugs, according to Kasey Kilgore and others. Malcolm would give money to her then boyfriend Trey Meeks to go to the doctor. He’d come out of the house to do his drug transactions. Malcolm had been arrested numerous times and spent time in a Florida prison. According to sheriff’s records he was purported to give money to Krista Harner in exchange for prescriptions.

Trey Meeks: He is now in an Alabama prison with a release date of 2030 for assault and robbery. Before that going back to 2005, he had been arrested several times on drug charges.

Kasey Kilgore: Stated she was at the Malcolm Burrows residence the weekend of the murder. That she was there with Trey Meeks. It was not uncommon for Trey to get money from Malcolm to go to the doctor. This being part of what is called a pill mill operation.




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