Senator Bowling’s – victim picture law – does this apply unless the State wants to hide who the victim is to get their conviction?

Senator Bowling introduced TN – SB166 Victims’ Rights into law, that allows the prosecution to show the jury a picture of who the victim was. Undoubtedly to show who that person was whose life was snuffed out, the loss to the family and community.

Not so in the case of Malcolm Burrows, though showing the true picture of who this man was would have been all too welcome to Adam Braseel, a young man with no connection to his illegal business, visiting from the valley, yet framed for his murder by the shadiest of state sanctioned eye witness testimony. Those who lived in the same gang raided illicit pill mill headquarters of its leader Malcolm Burrows.

Not only did the State not show his picture, they, at every turn, concealed his illegal business.  

They hid and squashed those on the witness list showing that Burrows was under investigation along with a local “health care provider,” he being a financier of major money deals in illicit pills, all of this going down at the time of his murder. Yes, that true and accurate picture of the victim Mr Burrows would have been very welcome for Mr Braseel. Yes, it would have.

Or was the Bill Bowling sponsored only to be used to guarantee convictions, right or wrong.

Or that we have to find out who Malcolm Burrows is from a sitting School Board member who reveals she was at the crime scene back when, but doesn’t want anyone to know, as it would be an embarrassment. And to how many more would it be the same. The truth seems secondary to political careers while an innocent man sits in prison.

I seriously don’t know how the Senator or others sleep at night, unless she is just so woefully ill informed. looking at Adam Braseels face and watching his mother cry, knowing that the state has endorsed drug dealers to convict her son and abduct him. Refusing to make a stance for good over evil.

Adam is a man who was indicted for no reason other than the witnesses themselves not wanting to be charged for the crime. This even according the crime scene investigator not allowed to testify! What more do you need? There being no evidence connecting Braseel, and all evidence indicating otherwise.  Accused of two bloody physical crimes producing pools of blood splatter, yet not one spec of blood found on either hat, clothes shoes or in his car that was taken immediately after the crime with no opportunity to clean, even if that were possible, with such a bloody scene.

That he was indicted before the tests were completed shows conclusively that authorities screwed up, and once they did, wouldn’t admit their mistake, no, they refused to turn back. And the only way they could then get the conviction was to protect the lie, and hide who the murdered man was to make their shady witnesses credible. One being arrested of domestic assault on the mother and the mother, whose car was a Chrysler registered as a Honda that had to be started by twisting wires. Hotwired. By all appearances and record, a criminal family, whose extended relatives having long rap sheets, then aided in creating snitch stories of accomplices that leaked into the jury illegally, yet not presented in court, as they were too absurd for even the prosecutor to utter.

That Senator Bowling appears to want to be known on the one hand for victim’s rights, has now made that “victims” list to include major drug dealers pumping lethal drugs into the community. And when something goes wrong amongst the ranks of illicit pill mill operator and murder happens, now allowing the crooks to pin their crimes on innocent people

As you can tell, I don’t see the hypocrisy if this law favorably. Perhaps she is ill informed, as I said. But I find the whole case so extraordinarily despicable and rife with protectionism of the wrong elements, that in finalizing plans for publication and producing the documentary, it certainly would be welcome for the outcome to be at least one where public officials are willing to acknowledge and own up to their mistakes. Maybe not likely, but if there is to be any moral center left in the world, the time to start is now.



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