Would one believe a man named Curveball? Witness Kirk Braden in the Adam Braseel case.

They convicted Adam by having Kirk Identify specific dents in Adams car, details of the sunroof, details of the wound on his face. They went to great pains to show they had details only Kirk would know, so he must be telling the truth. It was the same as when Collin Powell gave the details to congress of the Anthrax spitting mobile doom factory as reported by the purported Iraq chemical engineer referred to by the intelligence community by the name of Curveball. Powell had graphics and mock ups of factories and the story how Curveball, the chemical engineer, was there when twelve men died after an accident at the bioweapons plant. Detail, detail, detail, and the excuse and persuasion was used to get the vote to go to war and find those weapons of mass destruction.

We then learn Curveball made it all up, but he was not alone in creating the details. Curveball and the US operatives produced the details that Powell presented by working together, caught up in the belief that what curveball first told them was true.

We then learn that Curveball was first being questioned by German intelligence, who did tell the US what he said, but said they weren’t so quick to believe him and had many reasons to doubt Curveball. These warnings were ignored and they are still debated as to who said what.

Sound familiar?

When Kirk first told his story, he could offer no details other than a red haired stranger that came to the door. In Kirk’s first interactions with police, there is no car mentioned at all. Yet by court they have photos, diagrams and stories of Kirk telling all the little details of how he worked with cars and would know a dent when he saw one. And saw a specific dent on Adams car. All of which can be traced to where Sheriff Myers showed him Adam’s car with the dent, the photo with the cut and on and on. Each detail Kirk could offer is accountable for, where he worked with the Sheriff and prosecutor to get the details in, all to be convincing.

Yet all of these come from the same lies that took a nation to war.

Was this a mistake by the police and prosecution?  It is interesting that the entire reason they went after Adam was that SGT Brown said he heard of someone with red hair and a gold colored car. He didn’t’ tell them he thought he was guilty. So they got rid of Brown and went after Adam. Getting rid of Brown who could ruin the story they created out of thin air.

Yet in the end, the only known person to have his hands on the bat with his mother’s blood on it is Kirk Braden. This is the only known true fact about the witness. What that means is up to a fair and impartial jury in a properly run court proceeding.




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