Looking back in the wake of pill mill activity –  dead horses – dead bodies – frame jobs. filed under Dr Flo

Murder victim Malcolm Burrows — Dr David Florence — NP Kirsta Garner

In 2006 when major opioid middle man Malcolm Burrows wound up dead, the Herald reported his identity as being a well liked ex alderman. Which may be true, but had one read one fo many articles on Burrows  they would have seen the very day he was made Alderman he was arrested. One of many incidents including a gang raid of his house for narcotic opioids. Pills.

No mention of Burrows connection to NP Garner and Dr Florence were made. And certainly not the dead horses.

When Malcolm Burrows dead body was discovered dead outside his house, an employee of Community Medical Center alerted then Grundy Sheriff Myers that she had pertinent news of a deal gone bad between her employer and Malcolm Burrows. One so off kilter she though he should know, so bad it caused her employer’s high dollar Arabian horses to be killed. She told Myers she had personally witnessed Burrows give sixty thousand dollars to start the business where she worked, a clinic run by NP Krista Garner and Dr Florence. She’d also been there when Garner started crying over her horses. Knowing that Burrows and Garner fell in dispute over money when TBI drug agents started sniffing around and Garner had cut Malcolm off from the free flow of opioid prescriptions he enjoyed from his sixty thousand dollar investment.

Yet nothing happened.

Other sources around Garner and a relative confirm that revenge for the murdered horses was something talked about around the clinic. “We know who did it and they’re not going to get away with it.”

Yet nothing happened.

Myers claimed he had no evidence the horses were murdered, seemingly not understanding he was being told that information right then by the employee. It being obvious that Garner may not report her horses murdered to the Sheriff if they are central to a drug feud. Yet confirmation was not hard to find, as there were many who were shocked who had first hand knowledge of the horse killing. One person having to burn the carcasses.

According to TBI Agent Larry Davis he went to question Krista Garner but she refused to answer any questions on advice of her lawyer. Garner was later arrested on drug charges and her license was revoked. The Clinic she shared with Florence was shuttered.

Meanwhile while all suspects that led to pill mills were ignored in Burrows death, a visitor was picked up and charged with his murder. Having no connection to Burrows business or opioid deals, Adam Braseel was perhaps a perfect candidate to tamp down any embarrassment a horse killing  Burrows’ death might bring the district or the community. Myers family owns Mike’s pharmacy and a clinic of their own where Dr Florence and Garner have worked. Imagine the headline – Gangland Horse Killing revenge behind opioid prescription drug dealer death.  Something surely to cause the Feds to have to come in on. Maybe human life is cheap, but now its innocent horses! And with the recent dead body being driven around in the trunk of the car in another pill incident involving Meeks, its a mix of Deliverance, Good Fellas and The God Father that could ignite national attention.

There were few who would acknowledge pills were a problem in Burrows death including the Jury foreman, a doctor’s father, trial Judge Bud Perry whose own son had allegedly died of an opioid overdose. Even defense attorney Flossie Davis avoided the subject being defense counsel for infamous pill doc Dr Dewey Hood who had lost his license four times.

Even though Malcolm Burrow’s autopsy showed high opioid level in his blood stream, somehow the trial for the drug dealer’s murder managed to go by with not a peep of who he was, what he did or even who came to his house. A subject Sheriff Myers took great trouble to accomplish as on his own report there being “Trey Meeks and Girlfriend were at house.” A couple he knew quite well. The girlfriend being school board member Kasey Kilgore.

Kilgore says when she went to Malcolm’s with Trey, he would get money from Malcolm to go directly to Dr Florence.

Myers had taken a statement from a man who said he saw a couple at Malcolm’s driving a gold colored car. “A dark haired man and a blonde. “  Myers altered that statement in his report to indict Adam for murder. He altered it to say the driver of the gold colored car was a red haired man driving the car. Myers had not only lied in his report to indict an innocent man, but also to hide who was really going to Malcolm’s house. What kind of business took place there.

And to this this day the higher courts of TN say Malcolm was nothing but a shade tree mechanic, ex alderman. Meanwhile the recent history of Garner and Florence shows there is much more to the story, a story though that certain people don’t want known.




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