Part 1: Judge Angel does not recuse himself in Adam Braseel Case – Part 2: is testifying under oath an oath to God

See what Judge Angel has to say here:

In late 2015, Justice Angel vacated Adam Braseel’s conviction for murder and assault based on the constitutional right to effective counsel. That Adam’s trial lawyers should have motioned to suppress the witness identifications made by Malcolm Burrow’s relatives Becky Hill and Kirk Braden.

In 2016, the Criminal Court of Appeals reversed Angels decision with the claim Angel’s decision was factually flawed.

When issues were sent back to Judge Angel, prosecutor Steve Strain asked Judge Angel to recuse himself, one reason being that he made his initial ruling on Christmas day and this was somehow improper.

I wonder if the prosecutor asked Justin Angel for a warrant on Christmas or at three in the morning, when it was needed for public safety whether he would complain then. Well no, I don’t wonder, I think Justice Angel gave a very gracious answer to a very tawdry insinuation. It makes you wonder how far people will go to hide their own failings.

Is it too much to ask for basic literacy requirements to send a man to prison.\

Perjury – lying – under oath. What matters in the justice system if officials don’t adhere to the constitution and a duty under God and nation to be truthful.

Anyone who can read at third grade level can’t go to the very short transcripts and read that Lonnie Cleek testified that on Thursday the 12th of January 2006, he went to show Becky Hill the photo line-up, but Cleek said she was in bed and too sick to look at them. Then if they go read Becky Hill’s testimony in the preliminary hearing they will see Ms. Hill says she was not in bed, she was in her sister’s kitchen when they came to show her the photo lineup. It is what happened at that point that is in question.

Well obviously, Hill failed to pick Adam out of the line-up on Thursday the 12th, it happened. And at least Ms Hill thought she was not in bed, asleep, unconscious or any other of the veriety of excuses used in this case. You get your opinions, but not your own facts —  it was when MS Hill a few days later went back to the Sheriff’s office is when she was said to have made the identification. But more startling is the one statement Becky Hill does make, it is dated that very Thursday the 12th the day in question. She is not too sick to make the statement. It is taken by Lonnie Cleek and signed by Becky Hill. There is no description of Adam. What there is, is a description of a man who came to the house earlier in the daytime. That is what she was trying to tell them. But that’s not what they wanted to hear. In fact they knew of someone who had been to the house earlier and they refused to follow up on it. The names were written on the Kirk Braden statement taken by Brown. This was then acknowledged by Sheriff Myers but never investigated. He wrote “Trey Meeks and Girlfriend,” were at Malcolm’s either Friday or Saturday the day of the murder. Trey and Myers being related, or Trey knowing too much, are those the reasons the couple were not questioned? Or worse, when Jay Douglas told the Sheriff he saw a couple in a gold colored car at Malcolm’s that matched the couples description, he altered the statement to say the drive was a lone red haired man. Really? And that is OK with the great detectives Larry Davis and Mike Taylor. Altering witness statements?

As far as Becky hills statement goes, maybe when Larry Davis and Mike Taylor decide to do their detective work in cold cases, they should start there. In being able to deduce the difference between the daytime and 9pm at night. If you ask the officer who was actually at the crime scene, Mike Brown, he says the same thing. Becky said it was someone earlier in the day.

Who had car trouble earlier? Hmmm, hey Sherlock’s, you want to take a stab? That’s right, Trey Meeks. Whose charger was that? Are you sure it was Malcolm’s?

But no one questioned Trey Meeks and Girlfriend. Trey Meeks is now in an Alabama Prison. Many obvious enemies of Malcolm were not questioned.

I am just talking about questioning people, as is usual police procedure. You know, to get to the bottom of things.

There us much the same with the neighbor who said she saw a gold colored car earlier in the day.

In 2010, when Steve Strain and Taylor looked at the appellate record where the court said that because Angie White said she saw particular dents in the car outside her house the court was going to uphold Adam’s conviction, what did the prosecutors do knowing that was an out and out lie. Angie White did not say she saw particular dents, she said the opposite. And she said the car she saw was a late model vehicle and Adams was ten years old.

Inspectors Taylor and Davis, you got the wrong car. And remember when you said you didn’t need to wait for Adam’s car to come back from the lab to prosecute – answer this – why did you take the car to send it to the lab in the first place?

I can answer that, because the car was not sent directly to the lab, it was sent to the jail and was shown to Kirk Braden. When he testified he knew it was Adam’s car because he knew the odometer reading, well I would not be shocked if he did. Kirk never told police he saw any dents until after Myer’s relative, Kirk, was shown the car. Actually, Kirk first told police that the assailant ran off on foot. The prosecutor’s didn’t want that officer to testify as it clearly shows Kirk was coached from beginning to end. As is seen in the trial footage, where you see Kirk look over at the prosecutor to know what to say when being questioned by the defense in that incredibly improper showing of the picture they took of Adam the day after the murder. Mouthing “I remember.” See it for yourself, the rest of the country will soon enough. It is undeniable.

Improper as now the prosecution are medical experts.Giving no warning they were going to pull that stupid stunt. Kirk never said he punched anyone until he was shown Adams picture.

Think Kyles V Whitley.

This alone should be enough to throw the whole conviction out. This was a ploy from the prosecution and few I have seen dirtier. Only by making sure Brown did not testify could they get away with it, and that is what they did. I believe that will be the greatest shame and embarrassment. That and when Malcolm was murdered the paper said authorities were mystified at who would want to to kill the ex Alderman. If they had looked at any number of articles in their own paper they would see Malcolm was arrested the same day he was made Alderman. His house was gang raided by the DEA and he was in a running feud with police chief Taylor, following him around with a video camera. Malcolm may have been a nice guy, but his business brought him enemies. I feel bad for him too — no one even looked for him.

The killing of Nurse Garners horses didn’t help though. As there were those that avowed revenge. One wore a mink coat and diamond rings “The fools wont get away with it.” is what was hear to be said.

The headline should have been — Opioid Middle Man Found Murdered Amidst Slaughter of Prized Arabian Horses — Godfather feud with local doctors Takes local pill mill dealer’s life when retaliation turns to Equine Horror-  A Sixty Thousand Dollar Prescription for Death Comes Unglued.  But no, it was “police don’t know who would want to kill the well liked member of the community and ex alderman.” Oh please. Only in Grundy County. A complete sham. I understand, a decade long embarrassment of arson and chop shops, but really? framing an innocent man just because no one wants to admit what Malcolm was up to — what kind of people are Grundy people to do that? Pretending his sister and son, who could barely keep their eyes open from opioids, were on the up and up? Her own car was a Chrysler registered as a Honda with the ignition torn out. So because Adam was employed, they would show him.

How much bending, twisting and perjury does it take to convict a guy like Adam of murder and the theft ofMalcolm’s wallet. Adam Braseel, the one person in the mix who had a job. A legal one.  Plenty. According to what the transcripts report, Larry Davis flat out lied in court. All you have to do to know this is read his testimony at the preliminary hearing and at trial. Does this not matter to anyone in the 12th circuit? Lying in court.  Were the transcripts written down wrong? Well there is the video.

Is there no response to being called out for lying? Do you disagree? Or is it just business as usual? Or maybe you don’t call it a lie if you believe it.

What kind of investigative prowess does it take if you are just going to lie anyway.

I will assume that if you don’t agree that you can’t read at a third grade level. The documents are here:

If perjury under oath, and ignoring exonerative evidence to convict someone is your idea of true investigative work, God help everyone. And I still want to know, when you swore under oath, was that to God?









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