Sheriff Clint and Stacy Shrum on Grundy County Corruption – The Adam Braseel case.


“I personally don’t think Adam killed anybody” said Stacy Shrum, brother of the current Sheriff and an officer who worked in Grundy , “one of the reasons I don’t think he got a fair trial, and I know this might not sound right, is the Burrows family is a big named family in Grundy County. And the Braseel family, their name wasn’t as big-name family, so when they picked a jury, he didn’t have a fair trial to begin with, because those people sitting on the jury more than likely, knew the Burrows family. Then of course you have the report being changed, and his lawyer didn’t do a very good job. “

All of which makes sense on how Adam was convicted, but how did Adam get indicted in the first place. While the juror who came forward echoed Stacy Shrum’s remark, saying she felt bullied by the foreman who advanced theories not presented in court, and never voted Adam guilty in the first place, it still does not explain how Adam was indicted

Sheriff Shrum wrote that when he took office he “couldn’t find a single file on Adam’s case, as if there was something someone didn’t want me to see,” it was certainly something that I believe anyone would find alarming. Yet I have been told it’s sensationalizing when writing about it. Go along now, nothing here to see. Perhaps I am not “conditioned” enough to know how it is here, that years of files evaporating was not something to be alarmed over. Just the norm. Like Malcolm Burrows house which just vanished. And the road to his house, paved over just after his murder, all without a single mention. All in a well-known case.

Well known in the sense there was plenty of coverage on the alleged “brutal monster Adam Braseel,” who despite no one believing it was true, was still convicted of killing Malcolm and beating his sister, but nothing on the murdered man himself, Malcolm Burrows, the well know pill deal Which begs the question of whose protecting what.

The money was spent to pave over the past, being more important than finding out what happened. As who cared? except the family of the man convicted of his murder, the Braseels. But who cared about them?



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