After 12 years, print matched to crime scene car. Police missed man who would go on to kill cop. Not Adam Braseel

At Adam Braseel’s first hearing the prosecutor, when asked to postpone his indictment until the evidence came in, told the judge if they had to wait on tests coming back from the lab “the caseload would be ungodly.” Now, twelve years later the evidence came back. Still the prosecutor persists in denials. Denials that Adam had no reason or business with the victim. Denials that the victim was in fact a major pill dealer in league with a local doctor and nurses and he likely killed her horses in drug deals gone bad. Denials they had put this man’s relatives on the stand as their only proof and reason to convict.Protecting drug dealers and informants and now as we see allowing the murder of one of their own.

Going by the States theory of the 2006 murder of Malcolm Burrows, they have now solved the crime. They have located the man who was in the passenger seat of the Blue Chrysler that, according to their witnesses, Malcolm took when he went to help a man with his car who broke down the night of Jan 7th 2006,  the man in the gold colored car.

According to State’s witnesses, the body of Burrows was found next to his sisters Blue Chrysler. Files show that latent prints were lifted from the car but were not matched to any in the AFIS system. Now, twelve years later, while Adam’s recent filings are back in front of honorable Justin Angel, prosecutors from the 12th Circuit write in a letter to defense that they have matched two prints from the vehicle.

One belonging to officer Andy West, and the other is Kermit Bryson.

Bryson is the man alleged to have shot and killed Grundy Officer Shane Tate in 2008, who then turned the gun on himself after a man hunt involving the TBI and scores of regional officers.

There is no reason given by Steve Strain for why it took so long to match these prints. Mr. Bryson had been in prison prior to 2006 so by all reasoning his prints should have been matched at that point.

Mr. Strain states they found this out months ago but wanted to have it investigated first because of conspiracy theories on Social Media that Malcolm Burrows was killed by Big Pharma. So they sent ex TBI agent Larry Davis to talk with Tina Bretz, who Kermit lived with. Larry Davis is the agent in charge of Adam’s conviction who I found perjured himself on the stand at trial when he said he found a broken ball bat in the Burrows house. Making me really want to find the real Sergeant Brown who was at the crime scene. Not the Sergeant Brown who testified.

But Mr Strain in his recent letter, left out the part where Larry Davis found out about Kermit having access to the gold colored car Kermit’s wife owned.  A 1998 Ford Escort which looks almost identical to the car Adam was driving, his mother’s gold Acura.

Of the finger print, he does not say how this match all of sudden took place after all these years.

Does this mean they are dropping charges? Of course not. Mr. Strain is now saying they were never sure who Adam’s accomplices were. Really? Does he ever stop and think about what he is saying. If he doesn’t know, isn’t it safe to say he doesn’t know? Where is this proof of his that Adam was an accomplice?  This rumor they managed to get in the jury room. Is he talking about the statement of “Killer Alan Meeks” where he said he heard a rumor that Adam was an accomplice? Seriously? Of course people would come up with rumors after Adam was arrested, as no one could think it was even possible for Adam to be involved. He is convicting Adam on rumors made after he was arrested by people confused by why Adam was arrested in the first place.

As it was Malcolm’s own relatives who told the Sheriff that Malcolm was killed because of the horses it was believed he killed as part of his drug dealing fued. The employee of the clinic who went to the sheriff and told him of the pill business Malcolm was into. How she was there when Malcolm gave her the sixty thousand dollars in exchange for prescriptions. She was there when Krista said her horses were killed after the deal went bad. It is in your own report!

This is no rumor, it is a person reporting crimes to the sheriff. Mr Strain could use a dictionary.

Strain goes on to say they had a theory Malcolm was killed because of the money owed to him and the murdered horses, but they couldn’t verify this. Did it ever occur to him to stop sending Larry Davis to find out, as I have six witnesses on record that the horses were killed. One person helped dispose of them one who heard the son avow revenge and on and on.

Mr Strain keeps avoiding why this money was given to the nurse. Not even admitting she was a nurse. Remove Adam from the equation and you see this illicit pill business running rampant,  had they acted on just this, they could have shut it down years before the nurse was arrested and shut down herself. As well as the overseeing doctor who is now being sued by the feds for this very thing.

Tenncare fraud, as part of opioid abuse, which has cost tax payers untold millions. Not to mention flooding the streets with drugs that kill. The irony being that Adam’s trial Judge Perry’s own son fell to the scourge of drugs and the crime that goes with it. How he could sit and watch a man be convicted while the victim and his family testifying against Adam were made out as model citizens is just beyond me. Making one wonder why the state would hide the drug deals and convict someone with no record or association to any of it.

I have never seen anything more delusional than the conviction of Adam Braseel. To blame the region’s problem on Adam is almost Biblical. The sheriff’s family in the pill business perhaps explains some of it. But not the prosecution’s continual denial.

Adams address in prison is 1045 Horse-head Road. Yet they have covered up the horses and all this means. Does no one fear for their mortal soul here lest this be a sign from God?

The one salient point Mr Strain made was that he was mystified why the lawyer in Adam’s post-conviction hearing did not bring up more witnesses. As we all know, when Fear the Hills hit, there was a massive amount of evidence that came with it. Things that were not brought up at the hearing to the dismay of Adam and his sister Chris. But things that became common knowledge in the region. For one that Adam was convicted while the identity of Mr Burrows was concealed, but also concerning accounts of domestic assault between the son and mother.

While the states theory is wrong, it is the theory that convicts Adam and they should just fold.

I asked Adam if he even knew who Kermit was. He said he did know a Kermit, his wife was Ms. Piggy! The answer was again, no.

But people Kermit did know were those that Sheriff Myers concealed when altering the witness identification made by Jay Douglas. The dark haired man with the Blonde he altered to a man with red hair. Or more clearly on the statement made by Sergeant Mike Brown where it was written “Trey Meeks and Girlfriend at Malcolm’s.”

This turns out to be Kasey Kilgore Anderson and Chad Trey Meeks. Kasey when I interviewed her was on the school board, with Larry Davis! She admitted she was there with Trey. How Trey did the drug business with Malcolm and I will leave it at that. But Trey Meeks and Kermit Bryson share a very close connection. Trey is in an Alabama prison for a lengthy history of assault.

Talking with Kasey one understands that the battery charger found at the crime is likely Trey’s and the car Malcolm went to help with is likely Trey’s as he had car trouble and we know he was there. Becky Hill, in her statement, said the boy that hit her was someone she saw earlier in the afternoon. This completely destroys the states time line and somehow was lost in everything. But once you know this, one sees that Malcolm was not found where they said he was — and when he was killed is likely much earlier. The clincher being that no one even looked for Malcolm, as if they knew he was dead. Because if Kirk told police Malcolm went off in the car with the man who beat his mother, it is very hard to understand why he would not stop at the car and look for him on his way out. Especially since the state said he was found six feet from the car. Not at all what the person who actually found the body says. Not at all.

My hope is that Judge Angel rules again in favor of Adam. Have a hearing, get all the facts out and get them all in this time to withstand appeal. I would think this is better for the community than having the federal judge do it, which I am confident he will.  But with so much going bad in Grundy County right now, to take this opportunity to set things straight and stop running from the past may be the very thing needed to set things on a new course for a better future.




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