DK Sale – Adam Braseel case

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DK Sale, Dave K Sale is now focusing on the Adam Braseel Case — which has now moved to the court of appeals in Nashville.

This extraordinary, deceptive case has been essentially solved – which you can read in the blogs here and on Fear The Hills  — yet it continues to bumble along in the court whose records are replete with  critical factual errors — who altered these records is still a mystery – we are hoping it is not the criminal court of appeals itself – does the corruption run that high. Or is it carelessness as White Trash Live’s don’t matter – and who care is a man from Grundy county is framed for murder by a drug scheme promoted by the legislature of TN. Oops.

Meanwhile Adam Braseel’s life hangs in the balance.


DK Sale has been at the center of two overturned murder convictions, one in the Missouri Supreme Court, Mark Woodworth and another being the Adam Braseel case, a complicated unraveling in the notorious mountain town of Tracy City Tennessee, a hot bed of criminal drug dealing, murder and arson. His actions prompted a federal action towards a doctor who ran a string of pain clinics, whose actions were hidden in a tricky deception at Adams trial, preventing him from defending himself from a hidden cartel of pill mill operators who used him as a patsy to evade a federal investigation.

Sale made the front page of the ST Louis Post Dispatch in his first case , Woodworth, for revealing the solution to a twenty year old case, and convincing a mid-west population by creating a third jury called the Masters Report Group which entered the court record in a bizarre conclusion it a bizarre case.

Sale announced that a bullet used to convict Mark Woodworth was the product of a staged surgery whose conspirators had swapped with a made bullet that was sent to England to be tested by a friend of a man hired by Marks father’s business partner amidst a family feud. The bullet was then barred by a judge from ever being used in a court of law as evidence.

Sale was also involved in stopping the execution of Richard Glossip.


Sale is in talks with several agents for book and film rights working on ways to tell the stories of the extraordinary cases he has had the privilege to be part of.

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