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DK Sale, Dave K Sale.

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David Kirkpatrick Sale grew up in Ithaca New York, in an academic environment. His mother was director of the Cornell University Press. His grandfather chair of the English Department who taught Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, and Donald Barthelme. Being distanced from his father he was influenced by his NYC uncle Kirkpatrick, writer of ten political books, and aunt Faith who discovered Amy Tan. He has worked in various positions as a musician, promoter, then being a political operative in designing campaign messages.  He became interested in wrongful convictions by a chance meeting with a lawyer that led to the successful exoneration of Mark Woodworth, which compensatory outcome being only monetary, was a hefty thirty-million-dollar jury award for misconduct.

Curios about his Grandfather’s unspoken rural Kentucky roots, he accepted an offer to look into a unique Tennessee mountain murder case that held the opportunity to explore the shaping of middle America. The influences of big business on the rural population, and the political ramifications on the justice system. Being his third big case, he noticed a trend towards naïve young men who struggle to understand the forces acting against them, to aid in their defense by helping them understand their situation and the real story behind it. In this case, acting as investigator, publicist and legal liaison to aid in a struggle to freedom. As we will see how difficult it is for an innocent man to find good unbridled legal help, even if they pay for it.  Though the Braseel, at the time of this writing, have been bled dry in defending their beloved Adam Braseel.

Other cases Sale has worked on are Mark Woodworth and the RIchard Glossip case.





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