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Woodworth vs Robertson

In the 1970s the  Woodworth and Robertson families set out to make their fortune in high-tech farming. Choosing Chillicothe their new home. Home of sliced bread.

But when fortunes changed and their relationship deteriorated, both were hit with criminal charges. 

The Woodworths and Robertsons shared many things. Including identical .22 Ruger pistols which each family kept in their homes across the street from one another.

Yet after the shooting murder of Kathy Robertson on Tues, Nov 13th, 1990.  the Robertson family along with the chief prosecution of the state of Missouri and a Private eye hired by the Robertsons would come to insist it was the Woodworth gun that killed Ms Robersons.

Testifying in court, that just before midnight.

16 year old Mark Woodworth ascended from his basement room  Sneaking into his parents Claude and Jackie’s room where they were sleeping, he grabbed his father’s fully loaded 22 ruger pistol off the shelf, closing the door on the way out without waking either of them. Walking down the stairs and out of the house, he then headed across rural Route 190 with gun in hand,. Turning left towards the Robertson home a few hundred feet down the road to do his deed.  But first, he stopped in the machine shed, where at the workbench he happened to find a new box of bullets. Opening the box on the bench, he then took the bullets out of his father’s Ruger and replaced them with the new ones from the box. Careful to keep all the old bullets so he could put them back in later. 

With Ruger in hand, Mark entered the Robertson home, occupied by Kathy and Lyndel Robertson, their four children, their dog Goldy and parents.  Walking to the bedroom he emptied the gun on Kathy and Lyndel Robertson and walked out of the house without any of the 4 children being woken by the six shots fired.  And not a bark from goldy. His father’s Ruger being a particularly loud gun, it had no silencer.

Mark on his way back disposed of the casings and put the old bullets back in the gun, He then snuck back in his parent’s room and put back the gun. Again without waking them, He then went to his room and went to bed.